To & From is content collaboration between Delta Airlines and StoryCorps, bringing together StoryCorps' storytelling platform and Delta's pivotal role as a connections company, culminating in a podcast and a live event.


▾ The Project

               The “To & From” podcast explores emotionally charged stories that are diverse in context and global in range, of people who have left what they knew as home and settled down in new areas of the world. Each episode shares a different story across 13 countries and explores the different ways globalism and immigration enriches communities through shared experiences of home and identity.

In addition to the podcast, a launch party was hosted in New York City at The Foundry, bringing together the podcast participants and a guest list of travelers who have recently immigrated across the globe. The event centered around the ways immigration has changed the attendees and explored the ways they are better for it through an interactive globe sculpture and conversation party starters.

The identity and visual narrative helps to communicate the power of change while harnessing the legacy of Delta's brand identity.

▾ Project Phases

Story + Theme

Determing how best to tell and share the travel and immigration experience.

The Experience

Using the story's theme to create an interactive experience around travel and immigration.

The Identity

Using Delta's core identity and the themes of the podcast and event.

Roll Out

Launching the podcast and hosting the live experience with podcast participants.


▾ The Podcast

               To & From's identity was chosen to embody the innumerable routes one can take in life after starting at an origin. The branches represent the ideas of distance and destination. The identity is titled Full Service, visually representing the centric asymmetry of the journeys that we take.

The colour palette for the identity draws from Delta's iconic blue and red combination, but also pulls in two colours from its secondary colour palette to create a friendly, evocative, and inviting combination. To pull the four colours together, a warm beige was introduced. 





Delta Blue



Delta Red



Delta Purple





To & From
Warm Beige



Delta Orange

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▾ The Event

               Held in New York City, the To & From podcast launch event was hosted at The Foundry in Long Island City and had guests who both appeared on the podcast and had similar immigration stories.

The event focused on a few key moments – connection, integration, and the power of stories about immigration. The participants were encouraged to interact with each other through a few key events that encouraged and enabled easy and meaningful communication.

The experience was modeled after the 3 podcast episodes, adopting their titles – Love, Future, Community – which guests chose based on their story and wore throughout the event via a button.


The Globe

               A custom molded globe where guests could physically map their immigration journeys.

TELLING A STORY — Guests chose from color-coordinated strings, indicating the reason for their journey: love, future, community. They cut their strings and attached luggage tickets with their name, their To & From destination, and where they hope to go next.

Chatty Cathy

               A spinning centerpiece placed on each table, containing a set of cards that prompts different questions toward different guests.

CONVERSATION PROMPTS — Placed at the center of each table, the cards inspire meaningful conversation about traveling, immigration, and how our decisions shape the course of our lives.


Portrait Wall

               At check-in, we photographed each guest and took a quote about the journey that they took. Once they sat down for dinner, after speeches, we unveiled a gallery wall with each portrait and quote.


▾ Collateral

               The dinner was hosted by guest chef Marcus Samuelsson, who created a menu based off the podcast participants' 'To' cities. Guests were provided with buttons, totes, and To & From notebooks. Posters and art were promoted around the space, furthering the intimate feeling.


☺ Credits

Industrial Design by Geoff Baldwin ✈ Technical Direction by Luke Tomas ✈ Production by Reid Brewster ✈ Strategy by Matt Sim ✈ Motion Design and Video by Robotic Raptor and Jonathan Bailey ✈ Photography by OM Events