Katja Cho is a design director whose specialism is managing design strategy across multi-disciplinary teams, building (or breaking) systems, and empowering inclusive design decisions at every level of interaction, including the ethics and impact of design from social, political, and personal perspectives.

Selected Work

00  Clinique

Creating holistic, inclusivity-centered systems to develop and further Clinique’s brand positioning, story, and identity.

01  ACLU

“Our Vote. Our Fight.” issues generator built to help participants understand and engage with the voting issues that matter most.

02  Delta Airlines

“To & From” Podcast and Event

Exploring and supporting the journeys of global travelers through found community.

06  Esquire

Bringing the past and the future of the brand together through evocative visuals + new ways of connecting to their audience.

08  Delish

A series of technical and spatial illustrations around Delish’s book release and brand identity.

09  Riverdale for Cosmopolitan

Capturing the iconic teen-noir aesthetic of the series at Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink in Los Angeles.

10  Poster Design

Posters for various mediums: movies, music, & television.

Katja Cho