in real life
I am easily placed as an INTJ, Slytherin, and True Neutral, and thus consider myself a pragmatic innovator who is heavily focused on forward moving vision. From a young age, I have drawn a lot of inspriation from movies, video games and general media. I am a long-time hobbyist of pixel artDVD covers, and classic dollhouses. I enjoy the type of conversations that argue the components of time travel causality, geometric design, and terraformation.

extra curricular
I am conversational in Japanese (ひらがなとカタカナの読み書きができます).

Find me via  email,  instagram, or  dribbble.

deep dive
I studied design at Parsons and have worked in entertainment and publication. I help to make the old new, reimagine branding and elevate ideas. I have a passion for storytelling and for making the web matter as an experience. I want the nominally titled "user experience" to still be an experience – for content to exist in an art space and for that space to be retrospectively meaningful. I believe that there are design methods to still explore on the web - inside and outside of the grid.

My work has appeared on ELLE, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen.

Katja Cho